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Purchase dermestid beetles, which are used by taxidermists and hunters to clean flesh from skulls for European mounts
Specializing in professional preparation
and display of wildlife skulls and European mounts, using Dermestid beetles
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Some Recent Feedback


Just wanted to let you know  the beetles made it here and are very alive and doing great. I would recommend you to anyone looking to get started. Quality bugs. Thank You, Dennis Vogel  Cedar Rapids IA

Beetles arrived Friday, March 16, as estimated by USPS. I followed your advice on having the post office hold the parcel and call me. Unfortunately I had to carry the beetles in my hot car for a few hours after picking them up. Nonetheless they're getting right to work and seem to be doing great! Over the past 3 days they've made tremendous progress on a rat skeleton. Excellent purchase and price, good packaging and swift shipping. I'm very satisfied with my beetles. 

Katherine Jude Stevens, Mt. Pleasant MI

Bones and Bugs Taxidermy

I just wanted to write you and say thank you again for your help.  I ordered my first colony from you several months ago. The small, 300+ colony has surged to several thousand now.  They are voracious and hardy.  My second colony of 1000+ I received last month are already going through deer heads at fevered pace. I cannot tell you enough how much help you have been by being so personable and taking time over the phone when I have called. Thanks to you and your "Spartan" beetles, my little European mount shop is running at full speed.

Take care and thanks again,
Erik Hammack Scarab Artistry  Elm Grove LA

Bones and Bugs Taxidermy

Dear Ken,
I received the beetles yesterday and I could hardly contain my excitement.  They arrived alive and squirming around, and have now found a new home; watered, fed and bedded.  Thank you for an easy business transaction and for a great product!  I'm excited to get their numbers up and get them working. The information you provided was great and to the point too - so thank you.  I won't hesitate to use you in the future or to suggest your business to those looking for beetles! 

Many thanks!
Kaitlin Kahn Auburn CA

Bones and Bugs Taxidermy

The beetles have arrived!  Thank you for everything.  The beetles came in today and were very much alive and well.  They are chowing down on some pork tenderloin currently (their welcome feast).  I watered them and gave them the Styrofoam as instructed in the literature you included with them. 

Thank you very much for that literature we almost left the brains in and would very much like them to not smell worse then we have to.  Is there a place on your website for positive feedback or is it just via e-mail/snail mail?  I am sure that once the kids get going on the skeletons/ skulls that they will want to write to you and send you pictures. 

Thank you for everything once again! 
Hewes Center Conservation Class

Bones and Bugs Taxidermy

Thanks for all the information earlier today; you are like a dermestid beetle encyclopedia. The only problem was I didn't write it all down. I'm sure I will be asking some of the same questions in the future when I am actually in the process of cleaning my first skull. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you being straight forward with all my questions. I now see why people refer you! I plan on placing an order within the next 2 weeks.

Thanks again! 
Terry Colley

Bones and Bugs Taxidermy

Hey Ken, got the beetles and they were doug fine. Put them in a small tote for a couple days with a deer lower jaw just for starters. They went right to town like they knew what to do. Once again I'm very satisfied with your services from first phone call to receiving the bugs. Excellent experience.   

Thanks again, 
Kenny Herd

Bones and Bugs Taxidermy

Do you have more beetles to sell, VERY SATIFIED with the ones we got and we need more to do what were doing ,please talk to me or email me.

Traci Jo Hartman

Bones and Bugs Taxidermy

Good morning Ken,

It's just mind blowing how I could receive my bugs in less than 48 hours, and yet I can't get my bills sent out and they charge me a late fee because I didn't allow 7-10 days for mailing. Got the call from the post office at 8:05 AM  "Your tenants are here, please come and pick them up!"  Bugs are looking great, healthy, and ready to go to work, one GREAT packaging job you did. Only complaint I have is, next time can I get the classified ads  and local news, just so I could compare just how life is up there?   With no doubt, I will be doing business more with you; you've proven to me 100% that you are a man of your word, easy to deal with, and a real pleasure working with you.  

Thank you very much, great job, and have a great day.   

Bob from the foothills of N.Y.

Bones and Bugs Taxidermy

Hi Ken:  I received my package of beetles today along with your instructions. Thank you very much!  I appreciate your prompt shipment and professional service! They look great, alive, active, no problems whatsoever!  Possibly a bit thirsty but I'm sure that's to be expected as they've been without for 4-5 days now.  I've placed them in the prepared container and they seem to be doing just fine. 

I'll keep you posted as they grow; I'm certain I'll have a few questions along the way.  If you'd like to use me as a reference, please feel free.  Being a small business owner myself, (beekeeper) I'm a happy and satisfied advocate of others who do what they say, communicate, and provide quality product, in short order, at a fair price.  I'm pleased I ordered from Bones and Bugs to get my colony started! Have a great day,

Jed Prendergast Wellington, CO


Kodiak Bones & Bugs Taxidermy

Specializing in professional preparation and display of wildlife skulls and European mounts, using Dermestid beetles

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